SUPER COMBI: Social Media Marketing + PR


Social Media Marketing + PR successfully combined

With a clear defined strategy, PR and Social Media Marketing could be an ideal combination. The two activities should optimally amplify each other. Based on your goals we create a campaign concept and write the content for the landing page and the press release. We plan for you via Facebook and Instagram an effective social media campaign and distribute the press release to the right media.

Please find below three offers for a succesfully combined Social Media Marketing and PR Campaign in the Netherlands. 




€ 3.750 once
    • 1x Strategy/Conzept
    • 1x Content Landingpage
    • 1x Presse release
    • 1x Facebook/Instagram Ads Campaign
    • Including € 1.500 Mediabudget


€ 7.000 per Year
    • 2x Strategy/Conzept
    • 2x Content Landingpage
    • 2x Presse release
    • 2x Facebook/Instagram Ads Campaign
    • Including € 3.000 Mediabudget


€ 13.000 per Year
    • 4x Strategy/Conzept
    • 4x Content Landingpage
    • 4x Presse release
    • 4x Facebook/Instagram Ads Campaign
    • Including € 6.000 Mediabudget






More proven effective Ideas


”We Organise for you succesful effectiv Campaigns based on Expierience”


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