Probable you are busy planning the new marketing / PR activities for the coming winter season or even for 2017. You already operate for years via various ways of marketing and PR in the Netherlands. But you are Wondering if it cannot be done better and looking for new options? For your inspiration we give you some campaign ideas which proved work well.


Idea 1: Social Media Marketing + PR successfully combined
With a clear defined strategy, PR and Social Media Marketing could be an ideal combination. The two activities should optimally amplify each other. Based on your goals we create a campaign concept and write the content for the landing page and the press release. We plan for you via Facebook and Instagram an effective social media campaign and distribute the press release to the right media.
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Idea 2: Your NL Facebook Posts managed in the Netherlands
Probable your Facebook page is successfully manage within you organisation. Though you are wondering if you reach the Dutch market in the most optimal way with your present posts. You are aware that with 9 million Profiles Facebook is one of the strongest and most effective marketing platforms in the Netherlands . But you don’t have the possibility and budget to hire a Dutch FTE? Dutch Travel Media is able to manage your entire Facebook presence in the Netherlands with guaranteed success.
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Idea 3: Impressive Video Banner Campaign without any effort
Online Video banners are extremely effective in the field of destination marketing. The banners are not only impressive, but also guarantee a very good CTR. The average click rate in the channel we use lies between 1.1% and 1.8%. We are able to plan your video banner campaign on different platforms relevant specifically to your target group. We offer all-inclusive campaigns with production of the video banners, writing the content of the landing page, audience targeting, optimization and reporting for a fixed total price. You only need to send to us an interesting video of your destination.
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”We Organise for you succesful effectiv Campaigns based on Expierience”


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